Hah, I thought that might get your attention!!

Tracey … cycling??!! Surely not…

Well, actually, it’s my 12-year-old nephew Liam who is cycling 230 kms (about 150 MILES!!) over a mountain range in South Africa, starting next week April 15th, on a bike he built himself, with the help of one of my cousins Johann (his uncle, as referred to in the attachment) – to raise money for his school. They need to buy science equipment for their class. (It’s a pretty new school.)
Here’s a blog post about “The Big Bike Build” ! http://fiforiders.blogspot.com/2011/02/liams-bike-build.html

And you can read a bit more by clicking on this image below to see a larger version:

And so … I decided to do what I can for his school by asking friends around the world if you would consider sponsoring his EPIC cycle ride, by donating what you can – even if it’s just £5 or £10, that will make a huge difference to my nephew and his school! And even if you can’t sponsor for any reason, just send them good luck wishes 🙂

And I’ll make sure you see photos of the journey, as my cousin & my sister (Liam’s mum) are doing the ride too – yes, it’s just the 3 of them – and my sister takes great photos!

I’ve created a Paypal account specially for this, so anyone using Paypal can send a Personal Payment to “” – a Personal Payment means no charges are taken by Paypal. Here’s a screenshot of where to do that: http://screencast.com/t/l9gWcTC8X. This will work for payments from outside the UK.

Otherwise contact me for my bank details and I’ll then send the money to SA in one lump sum (I’ll pay the transfer fees myself, just once, instead of each donation being charged a fee).

And anyone wanting to help a little in SA – get in touch & I’ll put you in touch with my sister…

THANK YOU in advance for any help you can give!

Tracey x

P.S. here’s a map of their route – impressive!!! Cars cannot drive this – only 4 x 4’s … quite something to tackle by bike…