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Natural beauty

The beauty of living in a city with so many public parks, is the sheere variety of what can be seen and enjoyed in Spring 🙂 Despite having lived in London for many years, this year marked my first visit to the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park - renowned for it's...

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The Big Bike Ride – version 2!

Calling on friends & family with a few quid to spare please:) In early October, my 16 year old nephew Liam Rissik and some fellow scouts from 1st Knysna Sea Scouts are doing THE RIDE to raise funds to buy one (or two if possible) bikes for the Knysna Sports School...

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Three Words That Will Save Your Life

I love Alexander Green's "Spiritual Wealth" letters - here's one that particularly resonates: Three Words That Will Save Your Life by Alexander Green Dear Reader, Talk about a model prisoner... In 1985, Fleet Maull began serving a 14-year sentence for drug...

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After the Big Bike Ride

The update on Liam's bike ride... This picture says it all ... This is the welcoming committee of Liam's school friends at the end of the epic ride - Liam is the alien-shirted blondie in the middle 🙂 I'm so proud of what Liam achieved on his bike ride - the stats...

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Our Big Bike Ride

Hah, I thought that might get your attention!! Tracey ... cycling??!! Surely not... Well, actually, it's my 12-year-old nephew Liam who is cycling 230 kms (about 150 MILES!!) over a mountain range in South Africa, starting next week April 15th, on a bike he built...

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